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Canada 649 Help & FAQs

Get your hands on this Canadian lottery! The jackpot starts at CA$5 million and it can only go higher from there - there is no maximum jackpot! Check out our Canada 649 FAQs below for more information.

What is Canada 649?

Canada 649 is one of the three Canadian national lotteries. It was launched back in 1982 and its name is based on the process of playing the lottery, i.e. choosing 6 numbers out of 49.

Can I subscribe to Canada 649?

Of course! Subscribing to this lottery means that your numbers will be submitted automatically in every Canada 649 draw, so you will not have to place your bets yourself every time. You can choose your preferred subscription option before finalising your transaction.

How do I bet on Canada 649?

All you need is follow these steps:

1. Visit our Canada 649 page

2. Select 6 numbers from 1-49

3. Finalise your transaction

And that’s it! You can place as many bets as you like and you can have your numbers selected randomly by choosing the Quick Pick option.

Is there a capping on the Canada 649 jackpot?

No! The jackpot starts at CA$5 million, which is approximately €3.2 million, and if nobody wins, it continues to roll over until someone wins the jackpot.

What are the odds of winning Canada 649?

Each prize in Canada 649 has different odds of being won and these odds can be seen in the table below. If there is more than one winner for prize tiers 1-4, the prize is split equally between the winners.

Match Odds of Winning Percentage of the Prize Fund*
6 1:13,983,816 79.5%
5 + bonus 1:2,330,636 6%
5 1:55,492 5%
4 1:1,033 9.5%
3 1:56.7 $10 CAD
2 + bonus 1:81.2 $5 CAD
2 1:8.3 Free Bet

* The amounts shown above have been taken from the official Canada 649 prize breakdown. prize amounts are calculated in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

How can I check if I won a prize in Canada 649?

If you win a prize in this Canadian lottery, we will send you an email to share the good news! You can also check out our Canada 649 results page for the latest winning numbers, results from previous draws, and a breakdown of the prizes.

What is the biggest jackpot given out in Canada 649?

The largest jackpot that was awarded in Canada 649 was given out on 17th October 2015 and it amounted to a wonderful CA$64 million (approx. €41.1 million)!